Flash Interviews of the winning teams

Flash Interviews of the winning teams of EUC Futsal 2019


Male Team: University of Málaga


Coach of the University of Málaga - Moli Carrasco


What was it like guiding the University of Malaga during EUC Futsal 2019?

We are a team that competes in the national first league and we came with the mindset of doing the best! There was a good level, a good organization and also good teams besides ours. Throughout the tournament we showed that we deserved the win!


Two years, two walls. What is the secret of this team?

The secret is in the team! It is a group that has been playing together for some years (Málaga) in the Spanish national league, has experience and likes to compete. The trophy we won in Portugal is a consequence of the efforts of all athletes.


What message would you leave to your athletes?

I want to thank them for making me a better coach, improving day by day. We are European Champions for the second year in a row! We want to keep it like this!


Captain of the University of Málaga – Miguel Conde Toscano


What is the feeling after this victory?

We are very happy! We took a long time to prepare this competition because we competed in the national league. The last championship didn't go as we wanted. Now it is time to party and enjoy the victory! It was a very difficult year! We are champions for the second year in a row! It is indescribable!


What is it like to lift the trophy for the second year in a row?

In the first year is good, but in the second is very good because all the teams want to win against you! This year, all the universities wanted to beat us. Besides that, we managed to revalidate the title! Our group deserves it! The spirit of mutual help is always present! All of we do what we can to help our fellows.


Who do you dedicate this victory to?

I dedicate this victory to Moli (coach), who had a rough year! He deserves it as he is the best coach in the world!


Female Team: University of Murcia


Coach of University of Múrcia - Julio Buendia 


How was guiding this team during the EUC Futsal 2019?

It’s the first time that the University of Murcia is on a European Championship! It’s very important for us to promote sports among women and winning this championship will allow us to participate in other tournaments and by that, conquer more titles. I’m very happy for this trophy and even more to coach this team.


Before the competition, did you thought making it to the finals?

Before coming to Braga, our team captain chose some players. The truth is that being in the finals was such a huge step for us, and we didn’t believe we could do it. The team worked incredibly well together and although it was unexpected, we are very happy at the end.


What’s the message you want to leave to your athletes after achieving the first place?

The message I want leave them is to grow, study and enjoy life. They know they’re worthy!


Capitan of University of Múrcia - Cristina Poveda

What do you feel after winning?

I feel great! It’s the European championship! We just won and we are very happy!

Who would you dedicate this win to?


Who would you dedicate this win to?

This win is for a team mate that plays on an international level and couldn’t be here in Braga, but also for everyone who helped us winning the EUC Futsal 2019